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Submitted on
March 21, 2013


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Hey everyone^^ summer is coming up soon so I figured I'd hold a summer contest^^ from now to june 21st when summer starts^^

The contest will be summer themed meaning it has to have something to do with summer like swimsuits,summer games, beach volley ball ect^^

Also it's a Saiba Faita/Erementaru saga contest^^
so you have to draw one of my ocs with one of my bro's ocs^^
my ocs are found here^^…
my bro's ocs are found here^^…

for example our last christmas contest winner drew this
ronnie and alice Christmas Contest by Aisyera
It has ronnie on ( :iconshane-zero: 's) on the left erementaru saga oc ronnie by Shane-zero
and Alice (my oc) on the right Saiba Faita OC Alice by AndrewGeorge1991
in a christmas theme^^

To win the contest it will be by who has the most faves unless if I can find 10 judges to judge them^^ If I can get judges it will go by that^^
Here are the PRIZES^^
1st place will get 3 requests from me and 3 from :iconshane-zero:  (1 character per request or you can ask for all 3 characters in one pic^^)
2nd will get 2 from each of us
and 3rd will get one each^^
Can do
we will draw digital
we can't really do that detailed background^^ but will do something cool for it^^ still learning lol^^

We can NOT DO
well of course porn cause this manga contest is rated 13 and up^^
and tons of gore cause we don't really like drawing that style^^

last contest entries were^^
ronnie and alice Christmas Contest by AisyeraMahi (left) And Hoshiko (right) in Santa Costume by LegenSegerrKAMEKO AND DEOHAKO by ParvuAndreea
Hanako/Ida (Christmas Contest) by AMNON117:thumb338971298:Merry Christmas by BerryAttack
have any questions feel free to ask^^
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Where's all entries?
oops my bad i think it already ended my bro :iconandrewgeorge1991: was the main one in charge so u'll have to ask him if it was extended 
things sorta went crazy and i'm weeks behind in mail lol
but i just remembered u already placed u're entry so it shouldn't be a problem lol
i'm just not sure if i winner is decided yet so i'll ask my bro in a bit
Ahaha~ No, i've join it before :meow:
lol yeah i was like a month behind sorry for the mix up lol
they're right here…
to enter u just choose one of my ocs and one of my bro's :iconandrewgeorge1991: and draw both in a summer theme
then submit the entry to the folder above 
AndrewGeorge1991 Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
in this folder^^
Ah thanks ^^
AndrewGeorge1991 Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol np^^
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